May 22, 2018

All Colorado Supreme Court Justices Retained in Election

As reported by Law Week Colorado, all three Colorado Supreme Court justices up for retention garnered enough support to stay on the bench in Tuesday’s election. Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez and Nancy Rice had seen a surge of opposition to their retention bids by Clear The Bench Colorado, which took issue with their rulings on several cases, including the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, or TABOR.

Overall, the margins for victory of the justices were lower than usual in such retention elections. Usually, justices receive 65-75% of supportive votes. Tuesday’s election, fueled by the Clear The Bench Colorado campaign and the poor economy, drew less support for the justices, but not a drastic of fall off from the average. “About 59.3 percent voted to retain Martinez, 60.2 percent voted to retain Bender and 61.7 percent voted to retain Rice. In the last election, 72.4 percent voted to retain Justice Gregory Hobbs and 74.6 voted to retain Justice Allison Eid.”

Elsewhere, three Iowa Supreme Court justices faced a stronger campaign against their retention, and all three lost their bid. The justices were part of the unanimous decision last year allowing same-sex marriage in the state. The vast majority of money raised in the campaign against them came from outside Iowa.

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