May 21, 2018

Expedited Foreclosure Rule 120.1 Added by State Judicial

CRCP Rule 120 has been amended by the Colorado State Judicial Branch, including the addition of Rule 120.1 dealing with expedited foreclosure procedures.

Rule 120 – “Orders Authorizing Sales Under Powers.”

Rule 120.1 – “Order Authorizing Expedited Sale Pursuant to Statute.”

The notice, contents, and service provision of Rule 120 has been changed, adding a third requirement necessary for proper service.

Rule 120.1 has been added to reflect changes adopted by the Colorado Legislature in HB 10-1249, allowing for expedited foreclosure. New expedited foreclosure forms were released by State Judicial in August.

The rules were amended and adopted by the Court, En Banc October 14, 2010, and are effective immediately.

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