May 22, 2018

Secretary of State Consolidates Divisions, Changes Notary Fees, and Provides Instructions for Renewing True Names

Consolidation of Divisions

On November 4, 2010, Secretary of State Bernie Buescher consolidated the Business and Licensing Divisions into a single Business and Licensing Division.  The merger was implemented to facilitate more coordinated, efficient, and accurate service.

Notary Fee Changes

Effective January 1, 2011, processing fees for notary applications, authentications, apostilles, and magistracies will change. For specific fee amounts, please visit the Secretary of State’s website and select “Fee Schedule.”

The correct fee is automatically applied when a notary filing is submitted online. The Secretary of State’s online services are often offered at a reduced fee. Access to these online services is available nearly 24 hours a day.

Please note that if a paper document is submitted with an insufficient fee, the document will be rejected. The office recommends that filers use the most current forms and verify the fee prior to filing.

True Name Renewals

On December 31, 2010, registrations of true names of foreign entities will expire unless they are renewed.  True names may only be renewed online.  Paper filings will not be accepted.

A foreign entity is an entity that is formed outside of Colorado.  A true name is a foreign entity’s name in the jurisdiction where the entity is formed. A foreign entity that does not obtain authority to transact business in Colorado may file a Statement of Registration of True Name in order to record its name in Colorado.  The registration is effective through December 31 of the year it is filed and can be renewed for another year by filing a Statement of Renewal of Registration of True Name online on or before December 31.

The Statement of Renewal of Registration of True Name may be filed by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Secretary of State website.
  2. Select “…file a business document” in the “Let us help you…” section.
  3. Click on “Search” in red in the middle of the File a Document page.
  4. Search for the true name.
      If you search by ID number, you will be taken to the Record Confirmation page.
      If you search by the true name, you will receive a Record Identification Results page. On that page, select the ID number for the true name.
  5. At the Record Confirmation page, click on “Confirm” to indicate you have found the correct record.
  6. The next page will be a list of Documents Available for Filing.  Select “Renew True Name”.
  7. Complete the document and click on “Submit”.
  8. The next page will be the Transaction Preview. This page allows you to double-check the information you are submitting. Click on “Accept” to move on to the payment page.
  9. On the payment page, enter your credit or debit card or prepaid account information, and click on “Pay Now”.
  10. You will then receive a Transaction Confirmation page. This indicates the renewal has been filed, and the payment has been received.
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