April 19, 2018

Jim Thomas: Required Report Deception Aimed at Colorado Businesses

A scam filled my mailbox today. Not my email inbox, mind you, but my good, old-fashioned U.S. Mail box. If you are a registered agent for an entity doing business in Colorado, chances are you got the same letter from “Corporate Controllers Unit.”

Part of the stack that showed up.

The letter isn’t a bad recitation of the law concerning the “periodic reports” (formerly “annual reports”) required of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other entities doing business in Colorado, and the adverse consequences that follow when the report isn’t made. The problem is that the letter, if not carefully read, might have you (well not you, you are a careful reader, right?) believe that you have to send $225 to this outfit in order to prevent the list of bad things from happening. You do not; in fact, you can do it yourself, online, for as little as $10.

Here's one addressed to my law firm.


An alert about this letter published by Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler can be found here.

The great irony of the this snail mail deception is that it comes just as the Colorado Secretary of State is discontinuing it’s own system of providing post card reminders of the need to file periodic reports. In a recent post I reminded business owners to subscribe to the Secretary of State’s new email alert system. Not only will you get an email reminding you to go online and make your periodic report, the Secretary of State will also advise you to any changes being made to your online business records. Other scammers, the internet kind, have been taking advantage of businesses that way. Be smart, read carefully, and protect your business.

Jim Thomas blogs at No Funny Lawyers and this post originally appeared there on April 4, 2011. Click here to read all posts by this author. 

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