May 25, 2018

Colorado Supreme Court Approves Civil Access Pilot Project

The Colorado Supreme Court has voted to implement the Proposed Civil Access Pilot Project, which was the subject of a lengthy public hearing in January. The program will go into effect on January 1, 2012. The pilot stage of the project will last two years and be applicable to the much of the Denver metro area:

  • First Judicial District (Jefferson and Gilpin Counties);
  • Second Judicial District (Denver County);
  • Seventeenth Judicial District (Adams County);
  • Eighteenth Judicial District (Arapahoe and Douglas Counties); and
  • Twentieth Judicial District (Boulder County).

The goal of the program is to increase access to justice and provide for a more speedy resolution of cases. This is achieved through civil rule changes designed to streamline civil lawsuits; changes to the discovery rules in certain cases will, if effective, cut down on excessive delays and costs.

The pilot project rules changes will apply generally to business actions with some exceptions. The program was originally designed and proposed to include discovery changes for medical malpractice suits as well, but the Colorado Supreme Court specifically excluded those or professional malpractice cases from the final project implementation. The pilot project rules will also not apply to employment cases, construction defect actions, cases where the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act may provide a defense, and cases involving wages and forcible entry.

A final version of the pilot project rules will ultimately be published in the The Colorado Lawyer and will also be sent to interested bar associations and/or specialty bar websites.

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