June 19, 2018

Department of Labor and Employment Amends Workers’ Compensation Rules of Procedure

The Department of Labor and Employment has amended Rules 16 and 18 of the Workers’ Compensation Rules of Procedure. These proposed amendments identify and clarify procedures and requirements, update and clarify language, fees, forms, and payments contained within the rules.  The revised rules will also update policy and reflect statutory changes.

The rules address the following subjects:

  • Rule 16 – Utilization Standards
    • Updates to standard terminology; revision of administrative procedures and requirements.  This rule is to be used in conjunction with, and to implement, the Medical Treatment Guidelines and Medical Fee Schedule.
  • Rule 18 – Medical Fee Schedule
    • Required by statute, this rule sets out maximum allowable fees for health care and related services falling within the purview of the Workers’ Compensation Act. Amendments revise, clarify and update language, terminology, procedures, requirements, billing codes, fees, payments, and relative values associated with the fee schedule.
  • The rules revise and correct numbering, citations, and minor grammatical and clerical errors.

A hearing on the proposed amendments will be held on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 633 17th Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Denver, Colorado 80202, beginning at 9:00 am.

Full text of the proposed revisions to the rules including red line edits can be found here. Further information about the rules and hearing can be found here.

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