May 23, 2018

Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project: Changes to Included/Excluded Actions

The Colorado Supreme Court has amended the Chief Justice Directive that outlines the implementation of the Civil Access Pilot Project. As of October 2011, an amended Appendix A has been included in CJD 11-02. The Appendix describes the types of cases that will be included in the program, and those that will be excluded.

The revised Chief Justice Directive with the updated list of included and excluded actions can be found here.

The Civil Access Pilot Project is an attempt by State Judicial to revamp the discovery process and reduce the expense of civil litigation in certain business actions. The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure concerning pleading, discovery, and trial management have been modified for the cases falling within the realm of the project.

The pilot project is scheduled to last two years, unless extended by the Court.

CJD 11-02 – “Adopting Pilot Rules for Certain District Court Civil Cases”

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