May 24, 2018

State Judicial Issues Numerous Revised Water Court Forms

The Colorado State Judicial Branch has issued many revised forms for use in the state’s water courts. Virtually every water law form listed by State Judicial has been amended. Practitioners should begin using the new forms immediately.

All forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Word formats; many are also available as Word templates. Download the new forms from State Judicial’s individual forms pages, or below.


  • JDF 290 – “Certificate of Notice” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 296W – “Application for Water Rights (Surface)” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 297W – “Application for Water Storage Right” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 298W – “Application for Underground Water Right” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 299W – “Application for Change of Water Right” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 300W – “Application: For Finding of Diligence or To Make Absolute” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 301W – “Application for Approval of Plan for Augmentation” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 302W – “Pleading: In Protest/In Support to Referee’s Ruling” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 303W – “Statement of Opposition” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 304W – “Protest to Revised Abandonment List” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 307 – “Notice of Change in Ownership of Conditional Water Right and/or Change of Address” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 312 – Form 2 – Declaration of Expert Regarding Report, Disclosure, and Opinion” (revised 10/11)
  • JDF 319 – “Form 1 – Sample Modified Case Management Order” (revised 10/11)
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