June 19, 2018

Colorado Adopts the Uniform Bar Examination

On Thursday, November 17, 2011, the Board of Law Examiners announced that the state has officially adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), effective immediately. As we reported last week, the Colorado Supreme Court recently amended C.R.C.P. Chapter 18, Rules Governing Admission to the Bar, to allow the transfer of a bar exam score achieved in a jurisdiction which has also adopted the UBE.

To be able to transfer a UBE score to Colorado without having to take the Colorado Bar Examination, the person wishing to transfer must have achieved a total score of at least 276 on the UBE taken in the other jurisdiction. Conversely, people obtaining a UBE score in Colorado may transfer that score to another UBE jurisdiction, provided their UBE score meets the minimum passing bar exam score in that other jurisdiction. Colorado will administer the UBE effective with the February 2012 bar examination.

Any questions about the change can be directed to the Board of Law Examiners at (303) 866-6626 or information@coexam.state.co.us.

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