May 22, 2018

Water Courts to Adopt “Rule of 7” for Procedural Time Periods; Rules Amended Regarding Applications for Water Rights

The Colorado Supreme Court has amended Chapter 36 of the Colorado Court Rules, Uniform Local Rules for All State Water Court Divisions. Broad changes were made throughout the rules to conform them to the “rule of 7″ for procedural time periods. This change, adopting multiples of a week, will help eliminate problems that arise when a deadline falls on a weekend.

Time period changes were also made to Water Court form JDF 319 – “Form 1 – Sample Modified Case Management Order.” The revised form is forthcoming from State Judicial.

Additionally, Rule 3, Applications for Water Rights, was also amended. The amendments address applications that contain multiple claims, rights, and structures, including applications filed by multiple applicants. The Committee Comment to the revised rule states that “[d]eletion of the words ‘and that each has the same ownership’ from the former water court rule 3(b), now numbered water court rule 3(b)(1), is not intended to alter or change any provision of law pertaining to ownership of a claim, right or structure that may otherwise be applicable to the adjudication of an application.”

These amendments are effective January 1, 2012.

Provided below is the complete set of Uniform Water Court Rules, which contains the old rules along with the new amendments (in bold), for reference and comparison purposes.

Click here to review the red line changes to the Uniform Water Court Rules, outlined as Rule Change 2011(16).

Complete CRCP Water Court Rules With Nov 2011 Changes (Effective 2012)

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