May 24, 2018

Revised Local Rules Now Effective for the U.S. District Court for Colorado

The United States District Court of the District of Colorado has reviewed and approved revisions to its Local Rules of Practice, which became effective December 1, 2011. The rules are published online and available to view as an entire set, with a hyperlinked table of contents, index, and appendices.

Click here to view the Finalized Local Rules with Appendices.

Click here to view the red line/strikethrough edits to the finalized rules.

Click here for list of the individual appendices.

The Advisory Committee on the Local Rules of Practice also invites your participation in the 2012 Local Rules revision cycle. The Advisory Committee welcomes comments from court users, members of the bar, everyone working in and for the Court, and the public at large. Comments and suggestions for rule revisions and additions should be sent to

Although comments can be sent at any time, those received by June 1, 2012 will be considered in the 2012 rules cycle. The Advisory Committee will review all comments and, where appropriate, propose rule modifications to the Court. Rule changes approved by the Court will be published for review and comment during the Fall of 2012. After consideration of comments, the Court will announce all rule changes. Such changes will likely become effective on December 1, 2012 to correspond with the effective date of any changes in the Federal Rules.

Click here for more information.

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