June 23, 2018

Tom Matte: The Importance of a Company Facebook Page for Small Firms

A great, easy and free way to get your small firm engaged with your client or potential client is to create a Facebook company page.

A Facebook page connects your firm to the outside world without too much effort. This is a great way to market your firm in just a few short minutes. I know you are busy, but I promise it won’t take much time and the benefits definitely outweigh the effort of putting it together. Think about what you want to post and do your research up front before getting started though. Remember: Content is king!

Take these tips and get started on your Facebook page today.

  • Choose who will administer your Facebook page. This person will post regular Facebook updates and control what is put on the page. You can have as many administrators as you like, but a word of advice, choose a select group to make sure updates are relevant to your practice area and audience.
  • Post legal news and industry-related content on your Facebook page. This could include an article on a newly passed law or a pertinent court case. Always keep your audience in mind, and post things that would be interesting to them.
  • Post pictures of your firm at conferences, meetings and gatherings. It’s important to show your audience what you are participating in and how you are involved in the legal community. It’s also nice to post photos of any volunteer events or firm celebrations. People like to see that you have fun too.
  • Get professional head-shots taken of employees at your firm and post them to the page. Create an album for these pictures on Facebook titled, “(Your Firm Name) employees.” This allows your audience to feel like they know your firm without actually meeting all of the individuals.
  • Ask for feedback and engage your audience. Post questions on your Facebook page and encourage responses. People love to be engaged on Facebook. Create content that attracts your audience and keeps them coming back for more!
  • Don’t post any private information, obviously, such as court cases. Many people that have gotten fired, or worse, because of the personal information they posted, and for good reason. Remember, anything you put on Facebook is in the public domain – forever. Be smart about what you post.
  • Add tabs to your page that allow followers to see information about your firm in other places, like Twitter and YouTube. With a YouTube tab, for example,  you can post your firm’s webinars, commercials and any other videos so visitors can find them easily. Look into all the tabs that could benefit your Facebook page.

Facebook is a great way to reach more clients. This easy, free tool will engage your audience and eventually convert some of them into clients. Being actively involved with a Facebook page (along with a Twitter page, blogging and a LinkedIn page), can set your firm apart as a thought-leader in the legal industry.

Tom Matte is CEO of Max Advertising, and focuses his endless enthusiasm on crafting creative and lasting marketing and advertising for law firms, helping them to ultimately grow their practices. Whether a 10-person firm or one of the Am Law 100, he works with firms of all sizes. Tom blogs at the The Matte Pad, where this post originally appeared on May 9, 2011.
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