June 21, 2018

Filing Fees Temporarily Reduced in Certain Civil Actions

The Colorado Supreme Court has issued a new Chief Justice Directive, which temporarily reduces the filing fees for certain civil actions, effective January 23, 2012.

CJD 12-02 temporarily decreases filing fees credited to the Justice Stabilization fund.  Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes, cash funds must maintain no more than a 16 percent excess fund balance, and it is projected that the fund will exceed this target reserve limit.  In order to comply with the statutory requirement, Chief Justice Bender has temporarily reduced filing fees.

As necessary, the Chief Justice may later increase these fees back to their statutorily permitted level.

The reduced fees apply across the board throughout Colorado courts and are outlined in Appendix A to CJD 12-02 – “Temporary Reduction of Filing Fees in Certain Civil Actions”

Questions about the change may be directed to Linda Bowers, Court Services Manager, at (720) 921-7839 or linda.bowers@judicial.state.co.us.

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