May 24, 2018

Discounted Legal Services — Do You Really Want to Be the Daily Deal?

The number of internet-based “Deal of the Day” websites has multiplied exponentially in recent years—Groupon, Living Social, Eversave, and Get My Perks are only a small sample. Even more numerous than the discount sites are the types of goods and services that are available for purchase. You can get deals on sports tickets, gardening supplies, kids’ birthday party packages, spas, restaurants—practically everything you can think of. But what about legal services?

Advertising is key to a successful practice for most attorneys, and a chance to spread the word about a legal practice to the wide audience that services like Groupon reaches is hard to pass up. The question arises, however:

Is it ethical to discount legal services?

What types of legal services can be discounted? Is profit sharing ethical in an advertising context? How are fees handled if the discount is never redeemed?

On Monday, April 16, Amy DeVan and Ericka Englert of the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel will be in the CBA-CLE classroom to discuss the ethical implications of using Groupon or other daily deal websites to advertise legal services. Potentially implicated Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct will be discussed, including perspectives from other jurisdictions and implications for Colorado attorneys. Join us on Monday to hear answers to your questions about the ethical implications of daily deals.

CLE Program: Ethics of Daily Deals and “Groupon” Marketing

This CLE presentation will take place on Monday, April 16. Participants may attend live in our classroom or watch the live webcast.

If you can’t make the live program or webcast, the program will also be available as a homestudy in two formats: video on-demand and mp3 download.

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