June 19, 2018

February 2012 Colorado Bar Exam Results Released This Morning

Bar exam results have been posted for the February 2012 exam. 309 applicants passed the most recent bar exam and, after months of anxious waiting (which I found to be much harder than actually studying), will finally join the ranks as Colorado attorneys. Take the day to revel in it, relax, and celebrate!

Click here for more info and stats from the February 2012 Colorado Bar Exam.

As agonizing as it is awaiting the results, can you imagine not even being able to learn your fate in the semi-comfort of your own home? Before bar exam results were posted online, anxious test-takers had to wait at the dreaded “wailing wall.” Results were posted on the doors of the Supreme Court building downtown – they may still be posted there, but at least the new system allows for a bit more privacy in what definitively seems like the most important morning of many of our lives.

We at CBA-CLE wish all of you the best of luck on the beginnings of your careers. We hope to meet you in our classroom soon. (Don’t forget: if you haven’t stopped by already, you are required to take our Practicing with Professionalism course. This is a mandatory program and is a condition of admission to the Colorado Bar. There are three offerings coming up before Swearing In on Tuesday, May 29: May 15May 17, and May 23)

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