April 26, 2017

SB 14-154: Transferring Funds from Healthy Forests Fund to Wildfire Preparedness Fund

On March 7, 2014, Sen. Kent Lambert and Rep. Cheri Gerou introduced SB 14-154 – Concerning Funds Administered by the Division of Fire Prevention and Control in the Department of Public Safety. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

Joint Budget Committee

The bill:

  • For 3 fiscal years, commencing with the 2014–15 fiscal year, reduces by $95,000 the moneys transferred annually from the operational account of the severance tax trust fund (operational account) to the healthy forests and vibrant communities fund and, correspondingly, transfers $95,000 annually from the operational account to the wildfire preparedness fund (WPF) administered by the division of fire prevention and control (division) in the department of public safety;
  • Directs the state treasurer to make a one-time transfer of $285,000 from the healthy forests and vibrant communities fund to the WPF; and
  • Specifies the purposes for which the division may use all of the above-referenced transferred moneys.

The bill exempts the wildfire emergency response fund and the WPF from the statutory limit on uncommitted cash reserves.

The bill is assigned to the Appropriations Committee.

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