May 22, 2018

Rule Change 2015(08) Amends Chapter 38, “Public Access to Information and Records”

On Friday, October 30, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court announced Rule Change 2015(08), amending Chapter 38 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, “Public Access to Information and Records.” The changes amended the title of the rules from “Public Access to Records and Information” and added an extensive new Rule 2, “Public Access to Administrative Records of the Judicial Branch.” The rule follows the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) but is not identical, and the introductory paragraph to Rule 2 states, “Many of the rule’s deviations from CORA reflect simple changes to language and streamlined organization of the rule for clarity and to better serve the public. Other, substantive deviations from CORA reflect the unique nature of the records and operations of the Judicial Branch. These changes are addressed in comments throughout the rule. The rule pertains only to administrative records and does not contemplate or control access to court records.” The previously numbered Rule 2 was renumbered as Rule 3 but suffered no other amendments.

For the text of the new rule, click here. For all of the Colorado Supreme Court’s adopted and proposed rule changes, click here.

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