April 19, 2018

Colorado Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee Released 2017 Update Report

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, the Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee released its 2017 update report. The report details updates to the Model Criminal Jury Instructions for 2017, including those based on changes in case law from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the Colorado Court of Appeals. There were also changes to instructions based on non-final court of appeals decisions for which certiorari petitions are pending.

The Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee advised in its update that although the committee intends to keep the jury instructions current by providing annual updates, the updates are not fully vetted by the committee and therefore will not necessarily be included in the official jury instructions. The committee further advised, “The Reporter’s summaries are purely descriptive; they do not include recommendations for how (or whether) to draft jury instructions based on the authorities that are summarized.”

For the full text of the committee’s 2017 update, click here. For the Colorado Jury Instructions for Criminal Trials, click here.

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