May 23, 2018

Colorado Supreme Court: Officer Need Not Consider Innocent Explanations Before Conducting Investigatory Stop

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in People v. Reyes-Valenzuela on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Criminal Law—Evidence Suppression.

This interlocutory appeal required the Colorado Supreme Court to answer whether an officer with a reasonable, articulable suspicion that criminal behavior is afoot must consider the possible innocent explanations for otherwise suspicious behavior before conducting an investigatory stop. The court held that, because case law from this court and the U.S. Supreme Court does not require an officer to consider every possible innocent explanation for criminal behavior, the officers in this case justifiably performed an investigatory stop on defendant based on a reasonable, articulable suspicion of ongoing criminal activity. The court therefore reversed the trial court’s suppression order and remanded the case for proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Summary provided courtesy of The Colorado Lawyer.

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