June 24, 2018

Want to Write for CBA-CLE Legal Connection?

Keeping Colorado lawyers up on the latest forms, rules, and more is important, but it doesn’t come easy. The content we cover is identified and written by a small team, and we’re looking to add a contract writer to make sure we can keep up.

Our contract writers handle assignment-based posts that often require same-day turnaround. We like to work with strong writers who have hustle and care about the Colorado legal community. If this sounds like you and you have a law degree or writing/editorial experience in the legal field, and you have a flexible schedule, please send me an email (agerkman@cobar.org) describing your experience, a resume or the link to your completed LinkedIn profile, and writing samples. If you already blog, even if it’s on a topic unrelated to law, you might want to share that, as well.

Bonus Excerpt, Bankruptcy Hearings Moved, Job Opportunity of the Week, and More

Last week was a busy one. From Governor Hickenlooper’s first signed legislation to several new State Judicial forms, we had plenty to keep us posting.

Excerpt: Trial Preparation in Domestic Cases

This week, we’re sharing a great set of materials from the trial prep session by Diane M. Carlton at our wildly-popular Family Law Basics program.

From the Courts

In addition to 11 case summaries from the Colorado Court of Appeals, we also shared that bankruptcy hearings are moving to the Byron G. Rogers U.S. Courthouse, that the indigency determination and income eligibility guidelines were amended, and that the legislature is reviewing a jury service bill.

What You’re Talking About

Over at Colorado Employer’s Law Blog, Jennifer Gokenbach takes a look at two recent U.S. Supreme Court employment law decisions on third party Title VII retaliation claims and “Cat’s Paw” liability in discrimination cases.

Emma Garrison, a member of the CBA-YLD Executive Council, blogs about the importance of making human contacts in the age of Watson.

Job Opportunity of the Week

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, the national judicial integrity organization headed by former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis, is seeking a Content Manager who will “be responsible for developing a voice for The Institute’s online presence.”

Thanks for a Great Year… And Check out Our Redesign

This week, we unveiled a whole new look for CBA-CLE Legal Connection. If you subscribe to the site by email or RSS and haven’t stopped by yet, take a look and let me know what you think. We’ve given you all new ways to access our daily posts and archives, whether you’re looking for information by type (case law, legislation, etc.), by practice area, or by timeliness.

But it wasn’t until right after we launched the new design that it dawned on me: it’s been a year since we launched the site.

A year and around 775 posts ago, we started this because we wanted a timely and effective way to share the non-stop flow of relevant legal updates we were finding in the course of our program planning, book editing, and everyday conversations with the hundreds of Colorado lawyers who flow in and out of our classroom each week. Today, we continue to share that information, but we also stay connected to key government, judicial, and news sites to alert you to important changes–like revised state judicial forms, updated court rules, and new regulations–as they happen. Loyal readers know we also share select forms and materials pulled right from our books and course materials. This redesign is just one more way we’re trying to make practice-relevant information even more accessible to Colorado lawyers.

Thanks to you, our readers, for showing up, for sharing tips, and for making this a memorable and productive year.

Feedback? Questions? Comment below, email me (agerkman@cobar.org), call me (303-824-5332), or just stop by the next time you’re here for a CLE program or a CBA meeting.