May 22, 2018

HB 12-1210: Allowing a Person Who Holds a Professional License in Another State to Practice in Colorado

On January 30, 2012, Rep. Don Beezley and Sen. Cheri Jahn introduced HB 12-1210 – Concerning the Recognition of Professionals in Good Standing from Other States to Practice in Colorado. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

The bill allows a person with a currently valid license, certificate, or registration (licensed, certificated or registered under 24-34-102 Division of Registrations) in good standing from another state to practice his or her profession in this state for up to nine months before the person has to meet the licensing, certification, or registration requirements in Colorado. For the person to be eligible to practice in this state, he or she shall have no other basis for disqualification from practice other than the lack of a license, certificate, or registration and shall apply for a license, certificate, or registration within 30 days after engaging in practice in Colorado. The bill prohibits a person from exceeding the scope of practice of this state and the state in which the license, certificate, or registration was issued. If a license, certificate, or registration is denied because education requirements are not met, the applicant is allowed up to one year to meet the requirements. The professional practicing in this state is required to disclose his or her license in writing in advance to any client or customer. Optometrists, physicians, and physician assistants are exempt from the bill. The bill passed 3rd and final reading in the House on February 29 and has been assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

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