May 23, 2018

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Thirteen More Bills into Law

At the end of last week, thirteen more bills reached Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk and were signed into law. They comprised of the seventh group and eighth group of bills to emerge from the 2011 General Assembly.

  • HB 11-1187
    • Sponsored by Rep. Sonnenberg and Sen. Brophy. Exempting from the State Personnel System the Employment of People Operating the Public Golf Course.
  • HB 11-1053
    • Sponsored by Rep. Solano and Sen. Steadman. Court Proceedings Initiated to Compel a Minor to Attend School.
  • HB 11-1074
    • Sponsored by Rep. Gerou and Sen. Jahn. School of Mines Funding of Financial Aid.
  • HB 11-1089
    • Sponsored by Rep. Conti and Sen. K. King. Authority of State Charter School Institute to Act as an Educational Agency when Reviewing Grant Applications.
  • HB 11-1122
    • Sponsored by Rep. S. Schafer and Sen. Jahn. Technical Modifications to the Process by which a Home Rule Charter is Submitted to a Vote.
  • HB 11-1144
    • Sponsored by Rep. Solano and Sen. Tochtrop. Concerning Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Expansion of the Commission to Propose Further Health Risk Warnings.
  • HB 11-1161
    • Sponsored by Rep. Gerou and Sen. Hodge. Extension through 2012 for the Use of Highway Users Tax Money Fund for Vehicle Services with the DMV.
  • HB 11-1176
    • Sponsored by Rep. Ramirez and Sen. Renfroe. Exemption of Crude Oil from Designated State Patrol Routes for Transportation of Hazardous Materials.
  • HB 11-1016
    • Sponsored by Rep. Summers and Sen. Boyd. Prohibitions Against Furnishing Tobacco Products to Minors.
  • HB 11-1260
    • Sponsored by Rep. DelGrosso and Sen. Jahn. Due Dates for Tax Installment Payments that Fall on Legal Federal Holidays.
  • SB 11-012
    • Sponsored by Sen. Brophy and Rep. Massey. Public School Student’s Authority to Possess Prescription Drugs at School.
  • SB 11-021
    • Sponsored by Sen. Nicholson and Rep. Looper. Removal of Term Limits for the Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board.
  • SB 11-096
    • Sponsored by Sen. Steadman and Rep. McCann. Excluding a Class 6 Felony Drug Possession Conviction from Qualifying as a Habitual Criminal Statute.

For a complete list of Governor Hickenlooper’s 2011 legislation decisions click here.