August 20, 2019

Archives for April 8, 2010

CLE: Temporary Federal Estate Tax “Repeal”

CBA-CLE faculty members addressed a standing-room-only lunch crowd earlier today, as they provided an overview of the impact on the temporary federal estate tax “repeal” for 2010.

Attendees enjoyed a catered lunch as they listened to presentations by Ted Atlass (Atlass Professional Corporation); John Garland (Engel & Reiman PC); Jim Ingraham (Zisman and Ingraham, P.C.); Kevin Millard (Chorney & Millard LLP); Mike Stiff (Stiff & Associates, LLC); and Thomas L. Stover (Stover & Spitz LLC).

Discussion included:

  • 2001 Act in general, the 2010 action/inaction/options in DC, and the 2011 reinstatement of the estate tax;
  • Testamentary planning (drafting, notifying clients, etc.);
  • Inter vivos planning (titling, gifting, etc.);
  • Generation-skipping taxes;
  • Carryover basis implications; and
  • Dealing with deaths in 2010.

If you were unable to attend the program but need to know how these important changes affect your clients, you can still catch a broadcast of it, in either video on demand or mp3 format. (Sorry, lunch not included!)