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Update: Tenth Circuit Names New Chief Judge

As of this weekend, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has a new chief judge, Mary Beck Briscoe, after predecessor Robert H. Henry stepped down from his executive duties in advance of his June 30 retirement from the bench.

Chief Judge Briscoe was appointed to the Tenth Circuit by President Bill Clinton in 1995. Prior to becoming a federal judge, she sat on the Kansas Court of Appeals for 11 years and was an assistant U.S. attorney and an attorney-examiner for the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commisssion.

Said Judge Henry:

Judge Briscoe has graciously offered to take on the chief’s position as of May 1, and I truly appreciate her willingness to do so. Judge Briscoe’s leadership skills are truly remarkable, and the court will benefit from her experience, her thoroughness, and her impressive administrative abilities.

Judge Henry will continue to serve as a federal judge until June 30.

(image source: Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals)

Case Law: SCOTUS Opinions, Week of April 26, 2010

The United States Supreme Court issued three opinions during the week of April 26: Stolt-Nielsen v. AnimalFeeds International Corp., Merck & Co. v. Reynolds, and Salazar v. Bueno.

On Tuesday, the Court, in Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. AnimalFeeds International Corp., ruled on the the limits of arbitration clauses under the Federal Arbitration Act.

Also that day, the Court ruled unanimously in Merck & Co. v. Reynolds, a federal securities fraud claims case.

Wednesday brought the week’s highest-profile decision: Salazar v. Bueno, a case involving whether a religious cross displayed on government land violates the Establishment Clause.

See SCOTUSblog and SCOTUSwiki for more details and analysis of these, and all recent U.S. Supreme Court, cases.

(image source: United States Supreme Court)

Case Law: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions, Week of April 26, 2010

There are no new cases to report.

Resource: USDOJ Booklet Offers ADA Advice, Resources to Vets with Disabilities

If you are an attorney with injured U.S. military service members among your clients, you won’t want to miss passing this useful resource along.

For combat veterans returning home from the Afghanistan or Iraq theatre with a catastrophic impairment, surviving the injury itself is just the beginning of the trauma they will face as they adjust to a life forever altered. Catastrophic injuries affect not just body and mind, but relationships, major life activities, opportunities, and livelihoods as well.

As part of the federal government’s outreach efforts to support our nation’s service members, the U.S. Department of Justice has released ADA: Know Your Rights (.pdf), a 28-page e-booklet covering the civil rights of veterans under the Americans With Disabilities Act and the many resources, both inside and outside the government, providing services to injured vets and their families.

(image source: Wikimedia Commons)