August 23, 2019

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Resource: Bankruptcy Court Staff Tell Attorneys What They Want (and Don’t Want)

In March, we held a full-day program on Consumer Bankruptcy Fundamentals (available as a homestudy). One session was taught by two courtroom deputies and a law clerk for the United States Bankruptcy Court in the District of Colorado. Their materials included lists for attorneys:

1. We love it when you… (Example: “Put your e-mail  on your pleadings)
2. We hate it when you… (Example: “Create your own emergencies.”)
3. We REALLY love it when you… (Example: “Give proper 7004 service when 7004 service is required.”)

Check out the document below for more tips before you take your next case to the court.

Complying With District of Colorado Bankruptcy Rules: Dos, Don’ts and Avoiding “Gotchas” in the Process