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Archives for May 10, 2010

CLE: Program on HB 10-1025, The Living Will Update, Scheduled for May 17

On Monday, May 17, CBA-CLE will host trusts and estate expert Michael Kirtland, a partner at the Colorado Springs firm of Kirtland & Seal, at a one-hour lunch program on the legislative changes to Colorado’s living will statute. The program will be held in CBA-CLE’s small classroom, and starts at noon. A catered lunch will be served. Participants may also attend via webcast.

Colorado has just updated its 21-year-old living will statute. This discussion will cover the reasons for the change and how the update to the living will statute impacts estate planning and elder law attorneys, as well as general practitioners and anyone else who drafts or helps clients execute living wills in Colorado. Included in the program will be tips on how to effectively assist your clients in completing a living will, as well as review of a model living will under the new statute.

Register today for this informative program. The presentation will also be available as a live webcast, video on demand, and MP3 download for those unable to attend. All program participants are eligible to receive one CLE credit.

Case Law: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions, Week of May 3, 2010

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued no published opinions this week. It did release an announcement sheet of unpublished opinions.

Legislation: Gov. Ritter Signs Bills in Bulk as 2010 Legislative Session Approaches Adjournment

As the Sixty-Seventh General Assembly of Colorado comes to a close this Wednesday, May 12, there has been no shortage of new legislation for Gov. Bill Ritter to enact into law with his signature. Below is a list of bills and their subjects signed by the governor in the last several days:

  • HB 10-1017, “Voluntary Agreement Affecting Rent of Private Residential Property”
  • HB 10-1042, “Air Quality Permitting Program”
  • HB 10-1114, “Register Agent Money Transmitter”
  • HB 10-1116, “Revisions to Colorado Election Law”
  • HB 10-1117, “Certain Tax Procedures”
  • HB 10-1182, “Clear Energy Development Authority Financing”
  • HB 10-1208, “Higher Education Statewide Transfer”
  • HB 10-1220, “Sunset Review of Division of Insurance Functions”
  • HB 10-1222, “Continuation of Collection Agencies Maintaining Colorado Office”
  • HB 10-1225, “Sunset Continue State Electrical Board”
  • HB 10-1229, “Authentication of Medical Orders”
  • HB 10-1240, “Residential Foreclosure Deferments”
  • HB 10-1259, “Conform Annex Act to State Constitution”
  • HB 10-1275, “Recording Location of Private Burials”
  • HB 10-1276, “Sale of Railroad’s Right-of-Way for Public Rail Service”
  • HB 10-1340, “Abandoned Vehicle Tow”
  • HB 10-1372, “Dates and Appropriations in HB 09-1293 Related to Hospital Provider Fee”
  • HB 10-1377, “Cash Fund for Agriculture Programs for Two Years”
  • HB 10-1378, “2010 Transfers for Health Care Services”
  • HB 10-1379, “2010 Nursing Facility Rate Reductions”
  • HB 10-1380, “Use of Supplemental Old Age Pension Health Fund for Medicaid”
  • HB 10-1381, “Tobacco Revenues Offset Medical Services”
  • HB 10-1382, “Repeal Delay of Public Medical Assistance Program Payments”
  • HB 10-1384, “Noncitizen Eligibility Old Age Pension”
  • HB 10-1385, “Funding for Insurance Fraud Cases”
  • HB 10-1387, “Finance for Driver’s Licences in Department of Revenue”
  • HB 10-1389, “Capital Construction Transfers”

Case Law: Tenth Circuit Opinions, 5/7/10

The Tenth Circuit on Friday issued one published opinion and no unpublished opinions.

In United States v. Allen,the defendant brought a direct appeal of her convictions of and sentence for two counts related to dealing in methamphetamine. The Court affirmed the conviction, because there was no reasonable likelihood that new evidence woud have led to a different verdict, and affirmed the sentence.