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Office of the Child’s Representative Seeking Proposals to Pilot Multi-Disciplinary Law Offices in Denver, Arapahoe Counties

The State of Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative (“OCR”) is seeking proposals to pilot two or more multi-disciplinary law offices in Denver Juvenile Court and Arapahoe District Court to represent the children’s best interest in Dependency and Neglect and Delinquency cases.

The intent of this request is to identify a private law firm or non-profit organization with the necessary expertise to create and maintain such an office.

According to OCR, the successful responder(s) will be responsible for implementing a multi-disciplinary law practice or division within a law practice, committed solely to providing legal services to children as guardians ad litem in these cases.

The request for proposal is available:

  1. On the OCR’s website under the “RFP” link; or
  2. From Melanie Jannicelli at OCR, 1580 Logan St., Suite 340, Denver, CO 80203,  (303) 860-1517 x100, Fax (303) 860-1735,

Deadline for submission of proposals is 12:00 P.M., July 12th, 2010.

Update: Green Cards Go Green

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) has redesigned the Permanent Resident Card, familiarly known as the “green card,” with enhanced security features — and for the first time in years, it is going back to its roots and once again is the color green.

The green card is a federally issued immigration document given to Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) that puts cardholders on the pathway to U.S. citizenship. Holding a green card grants an LPR the eligibility to live and work in the U.S., which, after five years, may be converted to naturalized citizenship.

The new cards feature optical variable ink, a holographic image, an embedded radio frequency identification device, a laser-engraved fingerprint, and a unique background design on the front. The back of the card features a tamper-resistant border, optical media storage for digital files (including biometrics), and high-resolution micro-images of state flags and American presidents. Accoring to the CIS, these features make attempts at tampering and counterfeiting difficult and evident, and ease the authentication of genuine cards.

The redesigned green cards went into circulation this month.

(image source: USCIS)

Update: AG Suthers Overseeing 22nd Judicial District Prosecutions Following DA Wilson’s Death

Gov. Bill Ritter has issued an executive order authorizing Colorado Attorney General John Suthers to temporarily oversee prosecutions in the Twenty-Second Judicial District after the accidental death this weekend of Montezuma and Dolores County District Attorney Jim Wilson.

Wilson died in a single-vehicle accident early Saturday morning when his Harley-Davidson motorcycle went over a guardrail on westbound I-70. He was wearing a helmet, and intoxicants are not believed to have been involved in the accident, pending toxicology results.

The I-70 corridor at the base of the foothills is well known for high winds, which are suspected to have pushed the district attorney out of his traffic lane and down a steep embankment, where he perished from multiple internal injuries.

According to the Cortez Journal, Attorney General Suthers said that he anticipates that the governor will name a replacement for Wilson within the next three weeks. In the meantime, Suthers’ first lieutenant Rob Shapiro is handling prosecutions and other responsibilities in the Twenty-Second Judicial District. Suthers remarked, “(Rob) will do well working with the lawyers over there. It’s going to be pretty much business as usual.”

(image source: Cortez Journal)

Resource: Best Practices Tips for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Growers

Earlier this spring, we hosted a full-day program, Medical Marijuana: Colorado’s Legal Framework, as part of our ongoing series on medical marijuana. One program handout in particular, “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Growers Best Practices,” caught our eye (below), and we thought it might catch yours, too.

If you missed the live program, it is available via mp3 downloadvideo on demandaudio homestudy. You can also purchase the course materials only.

Dispensary Best Practices