July 19, 2019

Resource: New Statutory-Compliant Living Will Template Available

This year, Colorado’s living will statute was amended for the first time in 21 years. Who better to learn about the changes and their implications than from the chief of the joint task force charged with the law’s amendment?

We were pleased to have trusts and estate expert Michael Kirtland (pictured) join us at the CBA-CLE offices, where he shared a comprehensive analysis of the update to the Colorado Medical Treatment Decisions Act.

Among the handouts that Kirtland distributed was a template of a living will form that complies with the statutory changes (below). Click here to download the document in Microsoft Word, or take a look below. If you require a WordPerfect version, please leave a comment below or contact our office.

If you’re interested in Kirtland’s entire presentation, it is available on video on-demand and as an mp3 download.

Advance Directive for Medical / Surgical Treatment (Living Will) – Colorado

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  1. Susan Stearns says:

    I did the webcast and thought this was a great presentation. I wasn’t convinced before the webcast that change was good – When there was a proposed form a couple of years ago, I used it initially and found the clients found it cumbersome and difficult to use. This webinar was good and the new form is concise.

    If there is a WordPerfect form available, I would love it! I will be a Word Perfect user until it is not made or I die (or retire) I have Word 2007, but I hate it. So if you have a WordPerfect form, it will save me some time. Thanks Susan

  2. Susan–I am so glad you enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for letting us know! I’ll forward the Word Perfect version to your email right now.

  3. Sharon Althaus says:

    Our office staff viewed the webcast and found it very informative and helpful. We would like the Word Perfect template of the revised living will. Thank you very much!

    Sharon Althaus
    Law Office of Dennis R. Devor

  4. Thanks, Sharon! It’s coming your way.

  5. Please send me the new living will template in WordPerfect format. I also find WordPerfect to be far superior to Word. Thank you!

  6. It’s headed your way, Joanne. We don’t mean to pick on WordPerfect by leaving it out. We just had problems getting it to download properly so we decided we’d rather send it by email to make sure our WordPerfect users didn’t run into the same issues we were having.

  7. Vicki Alsin says:

    The seminar was great; the webcast format is also great. We also use predominantly wordperfect and would appreciate receiving that format.


  8. Just sent it your way. Thanks!

  9. James Brown says:

    Please forward a WordPerfect version of the new living will form.


  10. Sure thing, James.

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