August 22, 2019

Legislation: Governor Signs HOA Ombudsman Bill, HB 10-1278, into Law

Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday signed into law a bill that will create an HOA (Homeowners Association) Information and Resource Center to act as an HOA information clearing house within the state Division of Real Estate.

Informally known as the “HOA Ombudsman Bill,” HB 10-1278 was sponsored by Rep. Su Ryden (D-Aurora) and Sen. Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora), and creates the Center as a clearing house of legal information relevant to HOAs and homeowners. The information officer, or ombudsman, will act as an advocate and mediator on behalf of owners. The bill goes into effect on January 1, 2011.

For an excellent breakdown of the bill’s provisions, see this post on HOA Legi-Slate, which has prodigiously followed HB 10-1278 as it wended its way through the legislature this session. Attorney Mark Payne also blogs about HOA law and recently posted his take on HB 10-1078.

This new legislation was the subject of a one-hour lunchtime program at CBA CLE on Thursday, June 10. It will soon be available by MP3 download or online video.

(image source: Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. This is another piece of empty legislation, no enforcement, basically a bill to create a bureaucracy, no penalties if a dysfunctional HOA Board will not mediate a dispute or follow their by laws, etc. This is a bill with the support and staffing of real estate and developer interests and lawyers, believe it, this should be staffed by a competent citizen who is familiar with HOA problems and generally familiar with HOA by law issues and disputes, not a lawyer, check out the web site below for an article on this issue and many other from an everyday homeowner’s perspective or go to for much of the same postings, you will find some humorous, some sad, and some that will give homeowners shivers when they understand dysfunctional HOA’s and the independence and reckless nature of Board members (most, not all)

  2. After reading, I found that this bill will create some government jobs that will continue to erode the balance sheet of the state. This is one “agency” that could be disolved to save the state money and not cost the HOA’s the fees which will have to be passed along to the members of that HOA. If you think that the $50 “fee” (tax) will be the end, then you will need to remember what happens to every government agency.

  3. I am not shocked with this complete waste of time and money by the state. It is unfortunate that Colorado homeowners have no ability to keep rogue HOA boards in check. Until there is accountability within the state there will be little to no accountability in some of these undesirable HOAs leaving no recourse for homeowners.

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