August 23, 2019

Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 6/22/10

The Tenth Circuit on Tuesday issued one published opinion and nine unpublished opinions.


In Medlock v. UPS, Inc., the Court affirmed the district court’s granting summary judgment for Respondent UPS. Petitioner, aged fifty-six, failed to support his assertions that the termination of his employment for an avoidable runaway accident violated the ADEA, and that the justifications for his firing and denial of reinstatement were pretextual. Summary judgement was appropriate as the record was devoid of evidence to elicit an inference of discrimination “either directly or through undermining the legitimate and facially neutral reasons given for his termination and non-reinstatement.”


United States v. Vazquez-Martinez

Martin v. Franklin

United States v. Wiley

Salas-Acuna v. Holder, Jr.

United States v. Solarin, Jr.

Gonzales v. Tapia

United States v. Williams

United States v. Howell

Harmon v. Keith

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