August 20, 2019

Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 6/7/10

The Tenth Circuit on Monday issued two published opinions and six unpublished opinions.


In Welch v. Workman, the district court denied Welch’s petition for writ of habeas corpus, and granted a certificate of appealability on ten issues involving both the guilt and sentencing phase of his trial. The Tenth Circuit affirmed.

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska v. Salazar concerns a small tract of land taken by the Secretary of the Interior into trust on behalf of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma. The Tenth Circuit determined that, because the Secretary had already taken the land at issue into trust, sovereign immunity precluded the relief sought by plaintiffs and, therefore, the Court dismissed the appeal for lack of jurisdiction.


United States v. Cornelio-Legarda

Henning v. Cooper

Perry v. McCune

United States v. Fierro-Rascon

Clark v. Yellow Transportation, Inc.

Norris v. Fourth District Court

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