June 20, 2019

Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution Revises Indigent Services Allocation Policy

Beginning July 1, the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) will fund mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for Colorado’s indigent population based on a proportionate allocation formula, State Judicial announced today.

Low- and no-cost mediation services will be granted to each of Colorado’s 22 judicial districts in proportion to each district’s percentage of residents meeting the federal poverty threshold. According to a press release issued today by State Judicial, recent Census data revealed that more than a half-million Coloradans live at the federal poverty level. The federal poverty level for one person in 2010 is $10,830 per year, or $902.50 per month.

Deputy State Court Administrator Carol Haller said of the change:

We want to provide access to services across the state in an equitable manner. Because our indigent funds are limited, tying each judicial district’s ODR allocation to its indigent population is the most sensible approach to take.

ODR also offers mediation and other ADR services at affordable rates (but not state funded) to Colorado residents who are not in financial need.

(image source: State Judicial)
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