June 25, 2019

Resource: New Probate Forms, Effective July 1, Released by State Judicial

State Judicial this month issued 15 new or revised probate forms of interest to all attorneys practicing trust and estate law in Colorado. The new forms went into effect on July 1, and practitioners should begin using them immediately.

All forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Word formats. They are also available as Word templates; download templates from State Judicial’s Probate Instructions and Forms page.

  • JDF 721, “Irrevocable Power of Attorney” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 733, “Motion to Release Trust Registration Statement” (new, 7/10)
  • JDF 734, “Order to Release Trust Registration Statement” (new, 7/10)
  • JDF 805, “Acceptance of Office — Guardianships and Conservatorships” (revised 7/10)
  • JDF 841, “Petition for Appointment of Guardian for Adult” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 857, “Petition for Appointment of Co-Guardian or Successor Guardian” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 862, “Order Appointing Conservator for Minor” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 876, “Petition for Appointment of Conservator for Adult” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 878, “Order Appointing Conservator for Adult” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 879, “Petition for Appointment of Co-Conservator or Successor Conservator (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 883, “Order Regarding Conservator’s Financial Plan” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 912, “Renunciation and/or Nomination of Personal Representative” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 940, “Information of Appointment” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 941, “Decedent’s Estate Inventory” (revised, 7/10)
  • JDF 999, “Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit” (revised, 7/10)

One instruction sheet was also updated:

  • JDF 998, “Instructions for Completing Affidavit for the Collection of Personal Property” (revised, 7/10)

If you need any of these forms in WordPerfect format, please contact Susan Hoyt at CBA CLE for assistance.

State Judicial is in the process of translating all of its forms into Spanish, but not all forms are available in Spanish yet. Please note that regardless of whether a form is English or Spanish, state statute (§ 13-1-120, C.R.S.) requires all forms to be completed in English.

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