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Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 8/6/10

The Tenth Circuit on Friday issued one published opinion and eight unpublished opinions.


In Dodds, Jr. v. Richardson, the Court reversed the district court’s grant of summary judgment to Respondents. Petitioner, held pursuant to a felony arrest warrant, was told he could not post bond until after he was arraigned by a judge. Petitioner alleged that “the sheriff deliberately implemented an unconstitutional bail policy that violated his clearly established rights as a pre- trial detainee and thereby caused him injury.” Such allegations are enough to survive a motion for summary judgment.


United States v. Sierra

Simatupang v. Holder, Jr.

United States v. Lopez

Wilson v. Brennan

Solomon v. HSBC Mortgage

Lopez v. Zenon

United States v. Ayala-Gonzales

Haas v. State of Colorado