August 23, 2019

Wal-Mart Appeals Class Action Case to U.S. Supreme Court

As reported by SCOTUSblog, Wal-Mart has petitioned the Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit’s 6-5 determination that upwards of 1.5 million women who have worked for Wal-Mart over the past decade may bring a class action against the corporation for discrimination based on sex, calling it “one of the most important class-action decisions since the modern Rule 23 [governing such claims] was adopted in 1966.”

The Ninth Circuit’s order stated that “the lawsuit will embrace the claims of ‘all women employed at any Wal-Mart domestic retail store at any time since December 26, 1998, who have been or may be subjected to Wal-Mart’s challenge pay and management track promotions policies and practices.'”

Wal-Mart contends that the class is the largest in history and may violate due process, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as the Constitution.

See SCOTUSblog for more information about the class action.

(image source: United States Supreme Court)

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