June 26, 2019

Quality Assurance and Oversight of CFIs and PCs in Domestic Relations Cases – Feedback Requested

In January 2010, Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey charged the Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Issues (“Family Issues Committee”) to study the quality assurance and oversight of Child and Family Investigators (CFIs) and Parenting Coordinators (PCs) in domestic relations cases. The Family Issues Committee has preliminarily identified that changes to the current Chief Justice Directives and statutes will likely be required to achieve system improvement.

It welcomes your feedback and also asks that you send this to your colleagues as appropriate. You will want to review the Interim Report and White Paper regarding Appointments of Parenting Coordinators before submitting the Online Comment Form by 9/30/2010. To maximize our ability to consider all comments, comments are limited to 200 words per recommendation.

The documents and comment form are also available on the web page for the Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Issues.

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