June 20, 2019

Designated Beneficiary Agreements Highlighted in Newly Revised Orange Book Handbook

The Sixth Edition of the Colorado Estate Planning Handbook (Orange Book Handbook) was released last month and provides practitioners with a treatise on a vast collection of legal topics. The completely revised edition was reviewed and updated to conform with Colorado law through 2010 and is directed toward intermediate and advanced level practitioners. The Handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with Colorado Estate Planning Forms (Orange Book Forms), also published by CBA-CLE.

The newly revised edition also includes seven new chapters, including one centered on non-traditional families written by Elizabeth Bryant and Erica Johnson.

The legal representation of those in non-traditional relationships often involves complex and overlapping issues that are not present in the representation of legally married couples. Many of these issues are difficult for lawyers to address given the lack of statutory law that applies to such relationships. This new chapter addresses these complex issues and gives guidance on “non-traditional couples” or same-sex couples that cannot marry under Colorado and federal law, and opposite-sex couples who choose not to marry.

Provided below is a section of this chapter, detailing one of the newest legal developments in Colorado regarding non-traditional families, the Designated Beneficiary Agreement.

Orange Book Handbook: Designated Beneficiary Agreements

Details and purchase information regarding the Sixth Edition Orange Book Handbook can be found at the CBA-CLE publications website.

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