August 24, 2019

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Challenge to New Medical Marijuana Regulations Turned Away by Colorado Supreme Court

The Denver Post reports that the Colorado Supreme Court has declined to hear the recently-filed challenge to the state’s new medical marijuana laws. Advocates filed the case to determine whether parts of the laws violate the amendment to the Colorado Constitution that made medical marijuana legal.

Patients claim that the pending rules violate their privacy because of the requirement that dispensaries record sales on video. The new laws also give cities and counties in Colorado the ability to ban dispensaries, something that patients argue is violative of their rights.

The Court’s decision not to hear the challenge has no bearing on the claims posed by the plaintiffs, who now must file suit in a lower court for their arguments to be heard.

Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 1/10/11

The Tenth Circuit on Monday issued no published opinions and four unpublished opinions.


Willard v. Hickson

Sitsler v. Astrue

Hynoski v. Harmston

Turner v. Jones