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Opening Day in Colorado: 38 Senate Bills, 58 House Bills

The First Regular Session of the Sixty-eighth General Assembly convened at 10am on Wednesday, January 12. While leadership of the Senate remained the same, former House Speaker Terrance Carroll relinquished control of his chamber to new Republican Speaker Frank McNulty.

Following the oaths of office, administered by Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Bender, state representatives and senators wasted no time in setting their initial agendas for the year. The Senate introduced thirty-eight bills, with the House introducing fifty-eight.

State Bill Colorado has posted summaries of all bills, including sponsors and committee assignments:

Senate bills can be found here.

House bills can be found here.

Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 1/11/11

The Tenth Circuit on Tuesday issued two published opinions and one unpublished opinion.


In Prison Legal News v. Executive Office for United States Attorneys, the Court affirmed the district court’s order. Petitioners appealed a grant of partial summary judgment exempting the mandatory disclosure of video and images depicting the aftermath of a prison murder, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Court found that FOIA provides certain protections for personal privacy interests and that family members have a “right to personal privacy with respect to their close relative’s death-scene images.”

In Wilderness Society v. Kane County, the Court reversed the district court’s decision. Petitioners sought to prevent Kane County, Utah from opening rights of way over federal lands, suing under the Supremacy Clause. However, the Court found that Petitioners lacked standing to sue; “[t]he general prohibition against third-party standing applies to a Supremacy Clause challenge where [Petitioners sought] to vindicate the property rights of the federal government.”


Webb v. Claimetrics Management, LLC