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Colorado Legislators to Again Consider Medical Marijuana Rules Changes

The Denver Post reports that Colorado legislators will again take up the challenge of defining and refining the rules regarding medical marijuana in the state. Colorado already has the most exhaustive directives of any state that allows the use and sale of medical marijuana, and new rules are being considered to help clarify and expand them further.

HB 1043, introduced by Rep. Tom Massey, would extend the moratorium on new dispensary licenses until 2012 and “clarify which doctors can recommend medical pot.” Additionally, restrictions regarding who can operate a dispensary would be loosened. Present rules require two-year residency to own or work in a dispensary, which is in place to help prevent out-of-state participation in Colorado’s medical marijuana market; such restrictions would be changed to apply only to owners and not all employees.

The bill would also ease lifetime restrictions down to a five-year ban against felons from owning a dispensary.

Ultimately, the new legislation aims to clean up confusing areas of the rules that were passed in 2010.

While legislators hope the bill proceeds quickly with limited debate, medical marijuana activists hope new ideas will also be discussed in conjunction with the pending legislation. Specifically, safe driving standards for medical marijuana patients is expected to be raised; such impairment standards that comport with alcohol standards would be among the first in the nation and have been requested by both law enforcement and patients to determine when it is legal to drive.

Tenth Circuit: Opinions, 1/17/11

The Tenth Circuit on Monday issued no published opinions and no unpublished opinions.

Uniform Power of Attorney Highlighted in Newly Revised Orange Book Handbook

The Sixth Edition of the Colorado Estate Planning Handbook (Orange Book Handbook) was released last month and provides practitioners with a treatise on a vast collection of legal topics. The completely revised edition was reviewed and updated to conform with Colorado law through 2010 and is directed toward intermediate and advanced level practitioners. The Handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with Colorado Estate Planning Forms (Orange Book Forms), also published by CBA-CLE.

The newly revised edition also includes seven new chapters, including one centered on powers of attorney, written by Tom Rodriguez. In 2009, Colorado adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act; this chapter provides an overview of the Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney and the implications of the new act.

Provided below is the newly revised Power of Attorney form that complies with the new act, as featured in the Orange Book.

Orange Book Handbook: Powers of Attorney

Details and purchase information regarding the Sixth Edition Orange Book Handbook can be found at the CBA-CLE publications website.