June 25, 2019

Eighth Judicial District’s Adult Drug Court Celebrating National Drug Court Month: A Proven Budget Solution

. This month, the Eighth Judicial District Adult Drug Court is also recognizing the 162 people who have graduated from the program since it began a decade ago.

District Court Judge Daniel J. Kaup presides over the court in Larimer County, where programs identify substance abusers in the criminal justice system. Participants are held accountable through an integrated supervision program designed to address substance abuse issues through treatment and rehabilitation. Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, treatment providers, and court staff work collaboratively to enforce compliance with court orders through a system of graduated rewards and sanctions. Accordingly, frequent court appearances before a sitting judge is an important factor for success in the program.

The program currently has sixty-three participants and has successfully graduated 162 people in the last decade. Locally, 93% of drug court graduates are not charged with a new felony or misdemeanor within a year after their graduation; 80% have not been charged with a new felony or misdemeanor within three years of graduating.

In addition to the Adult Drug Court, Larimer County began a DUI Court in July 2010, and is also home to a Juvenile Drug Court Program, a Family Treatment Court, and Colorado State University administers a Campus Court.

In honor of National Drug Court Month, the national focus is on the monumental societal and economic benefits of Drug Courts. At a time when local, state, and federal budgets are stretched, Drug Courts are highlighting their programs as effective tools for reducing substance abuse and crime and improving safety, and as more cost effective than straight incarceration. More information on the success of Drug Courts and National Drug Court Month can be found at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals website.

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