June 26, 2019

DORA Division of Real Estate Adopts New Cease and Desist Rule

The Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Division of Real Estate has adopted a new permanent rule regarding conservation easements. The purpose of the rule, entitled D-1 Cease and Desist, is to fulfill the legislative directive to promulgate necessary rules concerning the state income tax credit that may be claimed for the donation of a conservation easement.

Specifically, the Division of Real Estate states that the purpose of this new rule is to define discipline authorized in CRS § 12-61-720(11). The definition will allow the Director of the Division the ability to impose discipline for noncompliance on an organization for negotiating or accepting a conservation easement if they are not in compliance with CRS § 38-30.5-104(2) and 12-61-720.

D-1 Cease and Desist

If the Division of Real Estate has reasonable cause to believe any public or private organization is not in compliance with section 38-30.5-104 (2), C.R.S. and section 12-61-720, C.R.S., the Director of the Division of Real Estate may enter a order requiring such organization to cease and desist from attempting to hold a conservation easement for which a state tax credit may be claimed.

This permanent rule will be effective on September 14, 2011.

A hearing on the new rule will be held on Monday, July 18, 2011 at the Colorado Division of Real Estate, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1250 C, Denver, Colorado 80202, beginning at 10 am.

Any interested person may participate in the rulemaking process by submitting written data, views, and arguments to the Division of Real Estate. Those interested are asked to submit their materials in writing no less than ten days prior to the hearing date. However, all materials submitted prior to or at the rulemaking hearing or prior to the closure of the rulemaking record will be considered.

Full text of the proposed changes and the new rule can be found here. Further information about rule and hearing can be found here.

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