June 19, 2019

Governor Hickenlooper Announces New Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Economic Development

Today, Governor John Hickenlooper announced changes to his economic and legal teams. Ken Lund, the Chief Legal Counsel in the Governor’s Office, will become Executive Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade on August 1, 2011. Lund will replace Dwayne Romero, who is returning full time to the private sector.

Jack Finlaw, who is currently Chief of Staff to Denver Mayor Bill Vidal, will replace Lund as Chief Legal Counsel to the governor in August.

Lund was hired in December to be Governor Hickenlooper’s Chief Legal Counsel. He was previously the firmwide Managing Partner of Holme Roberts & Owen in Denver. Lund will remain a member of the Governor’s Office senior staff in his new role and continue to provide legal counsel to the governor.

Finlaw has worked the past six months as Mayor Vidal’s Chief of Staff. He previously worked as Deputy Chief of Staff for then-Mayor Hickenlooper and for seven years as Director of the City’s Theatres and Arenas Division. Before working for the city, he worked as Deputy General Counsel for Comcast Corp. in Englewood and as Counsel for Jones Intercable Inc..

Both Lund and Finlaw earned their law degrees from the University of Denver.

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