August 21, 2019

State Board of Education Adopts New Rules to Evaluate Effectiveness of Licensed School Personnel

The Colorado State Board of Education has adopted new rules for administrating a statewide system to evaluate the effectiveness of licensed personnel employed by school districts and boards of cooperative education services. The new rules were designed as a means of improving the quality of education in Colorado.

Through these rules, the personnel effectiveness evaluation system is established to:

  • ensure that all licensed school personnel are evaluated using multiple, fair, transparent, timely, rigorous, and valid methods, fifty percent of which evaluation is determined by the academic growth of their students;
  • ensure that all licensed personnel receive adequate feedback and professional development support to provide them a meaningful opportunity to improve their effectiveness; and
  • ensure that all licensed personnel are provided the means to share effective practices with other educators throughout the state.

The complete text of the new rules can be found here.

A hearing on the new rules will be held on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at the Colorado Department of Education, 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colorado 80203, beginning at 1:30 pm.

Further information about rule and hearing can be found here.

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