June 24, 2019

Vote CBA-CLE Legal Connection the 2011 Barrister’s Best

Law Week Colorado’s Barrister’s Best is back for 2011 and we need your help!

If you like the content that we provide you here, we hope you’ll consider voting for us in the following categories:

46. Best Law Blog (www.cbaclelegalconnection.com)

49. Best Twitter to Follow (@cleincolorado)

52. Best Bar Association Website (www.cbaclelegalconnection.com)

Your vote will help raise our profile even more and able us to reach more Colorado legal professionals with updates on everything from revised forms, rule changes, case law, legislation, and happenings and news from around our legal community.

Also, take this opportunity to vote for your favorite attorneys and judges, as well as Colorado establishments and locales.

Click here to vote!

We are greatly appreciative of all our readers. Thank you for visiting, subscribing, sharing, and making us a part of your practice.

And, as always, we welcome your feedback. Is there something you’d like to see featured on CBA-CLE Legal Connection that we don’t currently cover? Something you’d like to see more of? Email me (zwillis@cobar.org), call me (303-824-5332), or just stop by the next time you’re here for a CLE program or CBA meeting.

Thanks for your vote!

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