June 25, 2019

John Grimley: Your Legal Business Development Plan Should Fit on a Single Sheet of Paper

A successful legal business development plan – whether for a solo practitioner, a legal practice group, a global law firm, a regional mid-size law firm, a senior level partner seeking to grow a 7 figure book of business into an 8 figure book of business – or anyone else who practices law – can be outlined on a single sheet of paper, and it would look like this:

  1. Focus on sales.  The most direct avenue from you to your prospective client – is the best avenue to take.
  2. Focus on expanding the number of prospective clients you are selling to every day.
  3. Identify and contact new prospective clients every day
  4. Work on advancing the ball with each prospective client on a daily basis.
  5. Review your lead list every day, update it, and begin selling again the next day.
  6. Be flexible when pricing your services.
  7. Offer services that meet the commercial needs of clients.  Update your service offer to meet the market.
  8. Be persistent, patient – and over time, your practice and income will grow beyond your expectations.
John Grimley specializes in assisting lawyers and other professional service providers create and implement comprehensive domestic and international business development initiatives. A licensed American lawyer, Mr. Grimley formerly served as a writer in the Executive Office of the President in the White House. He blogs at legalbusinessdevelopment, where this post originally appeared on August 26, 2011.
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