June 26, 2019

Colorado Supreme Court Amends Two Probate Forms

The Colorado Supreme Court has amended Appendix A (Colorado Probate Code Forms) to Chapter 27 of the Colorado Court Rules. The rule change required two probate forms to be revised, and the new forms have been provided by State Judicial. Practitioners should begin using the new forms immediately. The amended forms are:


  • JDF 800 – “Acknowledgment of Responsibilities Conservator and/or Guardian” (revised 9/11)
  • JDF 810 – “Court Visitor’s Report” (revised 9/11)

Currently, the forms are only available in Microsoft Word format. PDF and Word template formats are forthcoming and will be posted by State Judicial when available.

Click here to read the full release, Rule Change 2011(11), about these changes to the Probate Code Forms by the Colorado Supreme Court.

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