June 26, 2019

Ethics and Professionalism: Civility in the Practice of Law

This is the annual Ethics Program that brings you interactive legal theater for your CLE experience. You will not find a more stimulating, thought-provoking, or enjoyable morning of ethics anywhere. You will be entertained and engaged by our distinguished panel through a carefully crafted series of interactive vignettes that encompass each of the ethical and professional dilemmas that you are bound to face in your day-to-day practice.

Your morning begins with a brief introduction and history of professionalism so that you will realize the impact it has on your legal practice. Then begins the series of everyday scenarios in the typical life of a lawyer, demonstrating the trials and tribulations involved in your handling of ethical and professional dilemmas. The most common and most difficult problem areas are covered, including:

  • The interaction between lawyers, clients, and opposing counsel
  • Bias issues
  • Mentoring
  • Client and counsel communication

And, of course:

  • Courtroom decorum

To wrap-up your morning, you will be shown how professionalism and ethics are distinct concepts and also where they are inextricably intertwined. The complete package will certainly raise the bar for your practice!

The program is the culmination of several years of creative work, undertaken on your behalf, by the Professionalism Committee of the Colorado Bar Association (CBA). This program will truly inspire debate and discussions that will result in a more gratifying and rewarding legal practice.

Don’t miss out on this unique CLE experience and the chance to knock out the majority of your required ethics credits in one morning – click here to register!

CLE Program: Ethics and Professionalism – Civility in the Practice of Law

This CLE presentation will take place on Friday, October 7. Participants may attend live in our classroom or watch the live webcast.

If you can’t make the live program or webcast, the program will also be available as a homestudy in three formats: video on-demand, mp3 download, and audio CD recordings. The course materials will also be available.

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