June 25, 2019

Seventeenth Judicial District Celebrates Launch of Drug Court in Adams County Tomorrow

Colorado State Judicial has announced that the Seventeenth Judicial District will officially launch a drug court in the Adams County Court with a kick-off celebration tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28, 2011 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The event will be held in the jury assembly room at the Adams County Justice Center in Brighton (1100 Judicial Center Drive).  Members of the public are invited to attend in anticipation of the first docket for the new drug court being called next week on October 6, in division 8.

“This type of problem solving court has proven effective in both saving money for the taxpayers and bringing about positive change and accountability to the individuals that have drug dependency,” said Adams County Court Judge Leroy Kirby, who will preside over the drug court.  “This has truly been a team effort with all the essential agencies involved and would not be successful without them.  The Seventeenth Judicial District now joins numerous other adult drug treatment courts throughout the State of Colorado in offering a problem solving solution.”

Problem-solving courts have been shown to be an effective means of reducing substance abuse and increasing the likelihood that people will remain in recovery and reintegrate into their communities as productive and contributing members, with fewer instances of relapse or recurrence of criminal behavior than traditional court proceedings.

“Drug courts change lives by reducing the number of people committing future crimes,” said Seventeenth Judicial District Attorney Don Quick.  “These proven, cost-saving programs for non-violent offenders benefit not only the abusers, but also their families and the community.”

The Adams County Drug Court is committed to an integrated and collaborative effort of treatment, accountability, and rehabilitation of drug dependent offenders.  The program is designed to ensure community safety and create healthy individuals and families while reducing costs and recidivism.

The Adams County Drug Court is one of more than sixty problem-solving courts operating in seventeen of Colorado’s twenty-two judicial districts. Colorado’s problem-solving courts include adult and juvenile drug courts, family/dependency and neglect drug courts, DUI courts, adult and juvenile mental health courts, veteran trauma courts, and truancy courts.

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