June 26, 2019

The America Invents Act – A Discussion of the Recent Significant Changes in U.S. Patent Law

Co-Sponsored by the CBA Intellectual Property Section

The America Invents Act, which was signed into law by the president last week, is the first major overhaul of our nation’s patent law in almost 50 years. Among its many significant provisions, the Act will change the United States patent system from “first-to-invent” to “first-to-file,” aligning the United States with the international standard. New procedures will be also established for third-party challenges to patent and applications, and changes will be made regarding who can file, when they can file, and what prior art can be used against them.

Other provisions of the Act affect hot-topic issues, like false marking cases, business method and tax strategy patents, and joinder of unrelated parties by so-called trolls. These and other changes raise a host of questions for IP attorneys and their clients.  When and how should clients disclose their inventions?  How should clients think about the new options for challenging their competitors’ patents?  What tactics can clients use in anticipation of future derivation or post-grant proceedings?

A post by David Donoghue, patent attorney and Rocky Mountain IP Institute faculty member, reveals a few key elements of the legislation, but we invite you to learn everything you need to know about the fundamental changes to Intellectual Property and Patent Law at our CLE event on October 5, The America Invents Act – A Discussion of the Significant Changes in US Patent Law. Be the best advocate for your client by attending and making sure you know all the ins and outs of the new legislation.

CLE Program: The America Invents Act – A Discussion of the Significant Changes in US Patent Law

This CLE presentation will take place on Wednesday, October 5. Participants may attend live in our classroom or watch the live webcast.

If you can’t make the live program or webcast, the program will also be available as a homestudy in two formats: video on-demand and mp3 download.

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